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We finished recording our new song GO DOWN NORTH . So now we're patiently waiting and looking forward to the result...









We're happy to present you our first recorded song ever TAKE TO THE SKIES
Feel free to download it on Soundcloud and share it!
Since there is no video clip (yet) we advise you to look out of the window instead


Press outtakes:

"Their first audio track "Take to the Skies" is an honest orchestration of clear and sincere vocals, hushed steady backbeats, fresh words and the predominant tug-at-your-heartstrings work of the cello."

- Wordkrapht


"Take to the Skies is their first studio track, and given that context, I must say I'm thoroughly impressed. With raw lyrics, sincere harmonies and a gut- wrenching cello, snowy days in Basel seem slightly more attractive."

- Indieshuffle


"Get on your bike and start pedalling South; ok, it will take you a couple of days but for f***’s sake stop nagging and enjoy the scenery! Welcome to Switzerland; an unlike destination for music but Serafyn are gonna make it worth your while!"

- The Eargazm


Serafyn performing "The Kids We Were" (live)



serafyn is a swiss acoustic band containing vocals, guitar, cello(s), hang, double bass and cajon...


The band was founded in summer 2013. Some of the members already knew eachother from previous music projects while others randomly met. This was when the first songs were written and arranged. Their first concert in this formation was at Mondsucht Festival (CH). 
Shortly after that they went on a busking tour through Europe (playing music in the streets) and recorded the first drafts of a few songs. So far they've been performing in Budapest (HU), Prague (CZ), Hamburg (DE) and Basel (CH).




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